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Rooclue 1: Good or evil? Canton-bound. Ascension linked to versions of the Sabbath.

Most Likely Edit


Additional InformationEdit

Nothing to do with NFL,

No hall of fame.

Nothing to do with football.

Not Judas Priest

Has to do with Black Sabbath or a relation to the members/song

Nothing to do with Dio

Artist Gained recognition for cover of a Sabbath song


Jhammett: sabbath - a special time of prayer or rest, can also refer to either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the religious sect.

ascension - The act of rising to an important position or a higher level Canton: A - Hall of Fame, because NFL hall of fame is in Canton, GA (i gather) B - A political or administrative subdivision of a country C - A state of the Swiss Confederation

Stratsg90/JHOinTN: ok my personal opinion is that canton-bound is a future NFL HOF inductee and Ascension linked to versions of the Sabbath" refers to a former Black Sabbath member who either died or just left the band... there's quite a few

Ronnie James Dio immediately comes to mind..


Duddits says: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Its Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

"Good or Evil?" Thats a duality, or a positive and negative, ala a Magnet "Canton-bound" Shannon Sharpe is in the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame class. "Ascension linked to versions of the Sabbath" Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe's lead singer) was named by his father. From Wikipedia "His full birth name was "Alexander Michael Tahquitz Ebert". His father took one of his son's names, Tahquitz, from his favorite climbing rock (ascension means to move upwards in climbing and mountaineering). Alex later on discovered that the name means "demon" in a Native American language." "Verions of the Sabbath" Black Sabbath sang a song with Ian Gillian called "Zero the hero"


iSkew guesses: Vampire Weekend

My other theory: Vampire Weekend Canton = as in NY (or Contra) -- weekend (the sabbath/Sunday the second or ascending day) -- vampire - a Twilight good or evil joke reference (as the clues have been wont to do before)


emoney guesses: Raekwon

There's a wu-tang martial arts center in canton, OH that hosts a Wu Tang "Hall of Fame" open martial arts tournament. It's raekwon!

nkyguy put up this list that Gary confirmed one of themis true

marilyn manson the bad plus four tet guns 'n roses moby anthrax system of a down mogwai godsmack galactic meat puppets screaming trees (reunion?) faith no more ween cake flaming lips gov't mule dresdon dolls (they are reuniting for a tour in 2012

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